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Frederick's Community Outreach

Frederick’s Banquet Center is starting something special here in Festus.  For as long as we’ve been a part of the Festus community, we’ve seen the remarkable, kind, amazing and beautiful things that happen to and because of the people here.  It’s an indescribable thing to see such generosity and love between the people of Festus. 


But, we have also witnessed the personal tragedies our fellow citizens face: sickness, death, or other events that can be devastating for the families affected.  It can be tough to handle such trying times without support, and those of us at Frederick’s would like to offer ours.  Throughout the year, Frederick’s will be offering our facility and services a limited amount of times to those in need. 


If you or someone you know is need, fill out the form below to nominate a worthy cause, benefit or fundraiser at Frederick’s, and we promise we will do all we can to help.

Office: 636.937.7730




Thanks! Message sent.

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